Gigabit Optical Switch


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  • Supports IEEE 802.3/802.3U/802.3X/802.3D/802.3W/etc.
  • Supports redundant ring network technology
  • Self-healing time on network fault is < 30 ms
  • Easy to use web interface for management
  • Supports 8K MAC Addresses
  • Supports full-duplex and half-duplex transmission mode with auto negotiation ability
  • With APC circuit, the output optical power rate is constant, large dynamic range
  • Advanced adaptive technologies, no need for the field of electrical or optical adjustment while using
  • Provides low delay in data transmission
  • Electricity mouth can achieve self-adaptive parallel/cross line connection mode
  • 100 KM transmission distance between two adjacent nodes


Transmission Rate100 Mbps
Network Port10/100 Base-T(X) Self-adaptive Ethernet (RJ45)
IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3ab compliant
Supports Half-duplex and Full-duplex transmission mode with automatic negotiation ability Supports adaptive MDI/MDI-X
Light Wavelength1310nm/1550nm
Optical PortSC, LC, FC (optional)
Optical Power >= -10 dBm
Receive Sensitivity <= -24 dBm
Backplane Bandwidth7.6 G
Cache1 Mbit
Max Frame Size1632 Bytes
Delay < 1 micro-second
Bit Error Rate < 1/1000000000
Transmission RangeSingle Mode Fiber 20-100 km
Rated Input VoltageDC 12V - 48V
48V for POE
ESD Electrostatic Protection (Ethernet)± 8 KV Contact Discharge
± 15 KV Air Discharge
Lightning Surge Impact Protection (Ethernet)Common Mode: ± 4 KV (10/700 Micro-Seconds)
Differential Mode: ± 2 KV (10/700 Micro-Seconds)
Lightning Surge Impact Protection (Power)5000 A (8/20 micro-second)
Power Consumption< 5W
Operating Temperature-40 ~ 85 Degree Centigrade
Operating Humidity5% ~ 90%
Dimension184 x 180 x 52 mm
Weight1.3 kg